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Friday, June 23, 2006

Development Environment

I use Eclipse for all my Java development. In fact which all it's difference plugins Eclipse is pretty a pretty good development environment for most things, I also use it for PHP, ASP and C/C++ on Linux. I found the following website by Martin John Baker that does a good job of describing the setting up of the Eclipse IDE enviroment for JOGL. Basically, for setting up a simple Java JOGL Application
  1. Download the "jogl.jar" and the platform native libraries like "jogl-natives-macosx-universal.jar".
  2. Create a new Java project.
  3. In "project | Properties | Java Build Path" add the "jogl.jar" library.
  4. Then the tricky bit, add the native libraries. They come is a "jar" from the JOGL website so you may have to extract the DLL's (so's for linux, etc) from the JAR and place them in a new directory. Then just add the path as described in the Martin's web page. i.e. Select the "Native library location" and set it to the location of your DLL's.

  5. Add some code. I used the "gears.java" class from the demos that come with JOGL.


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